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TBD Submission: Johnny

Johnny has felt like such a voice in this project for so long… excited to receive his second submission!

“Wednesday Dec 16, 2016

Roommates dropped a bomb on me today. Roomie #2 is having a quarter life crisis and felt she had no control over her life, thus has chosen to join the Navy. I took it particularly hard because this is the first time in eight years I felt as if I had a home. Not living in my sister or grandma’s spare bedrooms (which were really just laundry rooms) or living with folks I didn’t really care for. We sit around and make long term plans, talk about opening businesses together, pitching in together to buy a house for all three of us. She said she was happy with what we had. Then bam! All those little plans gone. I’m sure she just wants to use the money to go forth for their own plans. Can’t open businesses and buy houses with imaginary fun bucks after all.

I’m just upset over the loss of the dynamic. Plus I was happy. I rarely genuinely am happy with living situation since I lost my home in 09. But dammit. I was happy.”

~thank you, Johnny~


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