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TBD Submission: Alexa

This beautiful entry deserves to be read in full. Click the image to enlarge.

“Hello my names Alexa. I discovered throwback diary the beginning of September and it made my heart swell up with some form of awe. Here I was thinking I was crazy for being as enthralled with journaling as I am. I heard your stories and you captured so elegantly what I’ve always thought since I began journaling: we’re all the same creatures, we all have the same emotions, and we all need to stop feeling so isolated from one another. I agree that we could all use each other’s experiences and lessons to learn something ourselves. Our world is a community and we should treat each other as such.
Now on to my submission”

Alexa's entry: "I don't want someone to die to teach me the lesson
Alexa’s entry: “I don’t want someone to die to teach me the lesson that I don’t always need to push people away. That I can trust. That it’s okay.

~thank you, Alexa, for sharing so openly~


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