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TBD Submission: Johnny

This is great: Johnny and I have been “conversing” solely through YouTube comments.
screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-1-19-15-pmAnd now he’s made the brave step to journal-owner…and to submitter! I love the nod to potential snoopers. 😉 And entries about dreams are the best ones to rediscover years later.

“Hello Caroline…I lack a means of taking a picture of my journal, I have no cell phone camera, or digital camera so I’ll just transcribe it here!

‘Nov. 5 2016
I had a dream the other night after watching a movie. It was about a sweet elderly homeless person named Mimi and her friendships with actors who came to the laundry mat to which she lived. (Queen Mimi, check it out who-might-be-snooping). One of the people she befriended was none other than Zach Galafinakis, who ended up footing the bill for her to live in a comfortable apartment not far from her favorite spot in the world, the laundry mat. In my dream, Zach hears that my cat, who had recently passed was ill and decided to foot the vet care needed to save him. I guess his kind heart sparked it in my brain that night, hoping some one would have come and helped save the day.

Funny thing though, I feel like he would have done it too. Great guy.'”

~thank you, Johnny~


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