Diary 8
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Sept 11, 2001

I have wondered since the start of this project if I would include September 11th. I could just as easily use early September of 2005, when I first flew to Rome and met Giovanni. Ultimately, I decided 9/11 is a substantial part of my story~

Diary 8 / 20-years-old / NYC
I spent the fall semester of my junior year in the Duke in New York Program. A group of us took classes and held internships in the city. Within the first few days of being in New York, my beloved childhood pet died. And some short days after that, the entire city changed.
What strikes me in rereading this entry is how quickly the political tone turned to revenge.
This entry includes a note I had written–and never sent–to my mother.

September 11, 2001 pg1
September 11, 2001 pg1
“The day the world fell.”

September 11, 2001 pg2
September 11, 2001 pg2

note to my mother
From between the pages: a note to my mother. The death of Elsa, and the World Trade Tower attack, certainly left me feeling vulnerable and lost. But it seems I was intent upon showing my mom how to carry oneself with strength.

A view of 2016
the new world trade tower
the new world trade tower, September 10, 2016

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