Diary 18
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Sept 9, 2010

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Diary 18 / 29-years-old / NYC
I’ve got that Almost-30 Feeling, and a fear I’ve lost too much of my 20s to depression.
Six years ago I was just starting to write non-fiction (outside of diary-keeping, of course.) A lot of the entries from this period take on a more essayistic tone. I was also reading a lot of “Calvin & Hobbes” [© Bill Watterson] and amuse myself with a metaphor about chasing tail.

Read the NYTimes article I reference: What Is It About 20-Somethings?

calvin and hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes ©Bill Watterson
“your tail still has a death-grip on your butt.”

September 9, 2010 pg1
September 9, 2010 pg1
September 9, 2010 pg2
September 9, 2010 pg2

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