Diary 3
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August 2, 1996

Diary 3 / 15-years-old / Reading, Ohio
Strange how the larger questions of our lives just kinda stick around… By the end of this entry I’m asking some pretty big questions for 15-yr-old me, and I can’t say they’ve changed much in the ensuing two decades! Also: my mom’s trying to hook me up with some waiter she had at a restaurant. Oh mom.
Click the links inside the video to watch the episodes about Eric and Tom, whom I mention through the first half of the entry.

August 2, 1996
August 2, 1996
Look how cheap the movie was!
Becky and me
Becky and me, right about the age when my mom was trying to set me up with her waiter, Mike. Never happened…

Give it up for the sincerity of 1996!


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