Diary 16
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July 9, 2008

Diary 16/ 27-years-old / New York City
I learn about Giovanni’s ongoing affair by breaking into his email. There’s not really a good-person vs bad-person element… breaking into his email was pretty awful of me; but this definitely set off a whole chain of events that would stay with us for years. And come back hard in 2010 with the cervical pre-cancer. It was also an event that made me realize we’re not predisposed to certain reactions. I kept waiting for the urge to throw his clothes out of the apartment (TV makes it seem fun), but my real experience was one I never could have guessed at. If ever there’s been a time to say “There’s More to the Story…”

July 9, 2008
I pasted the email I’d sent him into the book, and then wrote something about it all.

I *did* consider writing “liar” over this portrait I’d completed but days prior. I couldn’t do it–but I did think my expression took on new meaning.


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