Diary 17
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June 16, 2010

Diary 17 / 29-years-old / New York City
Throwback Diary is possible because it only reveals my past; my present I have kept safe and close to my own heart. This week is different. This is perhaps one of the more intimate things I can be sharing… but believing in my impetus for this project– that we can help each other by sharing–makes it seem safe.
Six years ago I had a nightmare about a paralysis that worked up my body, until I would no longer be able to breathe, and then I would die. Right now, my father is about to be diagnosed with either ALS or PLS. It’s absurd, and uncanny, that I should dream the exact diagnosis that is currently affecting my family. Finding this entry at this stage in my life was nothing short of shocking. I want to extend my gratitude to anyone who participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge (currently very personal, and beneficial to my family), and extend my compassion to anyone currently dealing with this disease. I always ask for your stories, but please–if you also have resources to share for coping in this time, they would be just as greatly appreciated. Let’s keep talking.
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Resources that have helped me:
Cleveland Clinic
Patients Like Me

June 16, 2010 pg1
June 16, 2010 pg1

June 16, 2010 pg2
June 16, 2010 pg2


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