Diary 13
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May 11, 2006

Diary 13 / 24-years-old / Rome, Italy
Chronological storytelling on Throwback Diary, what?? Sometimes this backwards stuff is just weird. Exactly 10 years ago, I talk to someone about keeping a diary, and how: No–it isn’t lonely knowing that no one will ever see them. And that maybe if I figure out how to share them, I’ll know what kind of artist I want to be… Turns out I invented Throwback Diary a decade ago! This was a delight to stumble upon.

May 11, 2006 pg1
May 11, 2006 pg1 on the right
May 11, 2006 pg2
May 11, 2006 pg2 on the left

2 thoughts on “May 11, 2006”

  1. I have diary entries like this, too! Wondering what in the world to do with my diaries, if anything. It’s probably weird, but I always imagined my hypothetical granddaughter or great-granddaughter reading them. But I’m not sure I’ll ever have either.

    I agree that “there’s something about everyday life that’s worth writing down.” In fact, remembering the mundane facts of my everyday life–that I otherwise would have forgotten–from years ago is one of the best gifts my journal-writing habit has given me. Somehow, it’s incredibly difficult to recall the things I did daily and repeatedly. And remembering them always takes me nostalgic.

    1. I believed for a very long time that my diaries would one day be little maps–that I would know how to understand a daughter (or son), because I would have access to what all of those ages and emotions felt like. I don’t know that they will ever serve that purpose, but I do think they keep me empathetic towards a very large spectrum of experience and responses.

      But it is such a delight to remember little aspects of oneself! There is a lot of emotion in reading through this things, but I agree–it is a gift. 🙂

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