Diary 13
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May 5, 2006

Diary 13 / 24-years-old / Rome, Italy
I’ve already shared an entry where Leonard Cohen makes everything better; this time it ‘s James Taylor…
Giovanni and I have decided to make a go of things, and I’m in Rome. I get cast in another film, and end up staying for 5 months. Now it’s the end of my stay–Giovanni spends his days at work, and I’m spending my days locked up into his bedroom in the apartment he shares with several other men. Dealing with some anxiety that’s not really letting me explore the city. Then I take myself to a park.
PS: this diary is particularly awesome, for having been mailed back and forth and shared with a friend. He tended to fill his pages with recipes.

May 5, 2006 pg1
May 5, 2006 pg1
May 5, 2006 pg2
May 5, 2006 pg2
Life in Rome

I was just trying to learn video editing, so I shot what I could. Here I am in Giovanni’s room writing in the actual diary I read from this week.

And the park, and the dog.

aqueduct park
aqueduct park + the dog I watched frolic

And I won’t leave you wondering; here’s the song:


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