Diary 10
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April 12, 2003

Diary 10 / 21-years-old / Durham, NC
Quite recently a good male friend of mine and I had a discussion about losing our virginity, and how it hadn’t felt particularly momentous (or particularly anything.) This entry is the time sex *did* feel like a big deal, when it did feel like growing up; and how thrilling and frightening it can feel–at the exact same time–when a young couple talks through the possibility of pregnancy. It’s my last months as a senior at Duke, and these are my last days with the boy I’d been seeing.

April 12, 2003 pg1
April 12, 2003 pg1
April 12, 2003 pg2
April 12, 2003 pg2. Turn the page and he breaks up with me. Sigh.
Behind the Scenes with tbdiary

Yes, this really happened when I went to record this entry. Not only did it happen, but it’s an exchange with the friend I mention at the start of this week’s video.  Perfect.

Missing batteries
Missing batteries.

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