Diary 8
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March 11, 2001

Diary 8/ 19-years-old / Reading, Ohio
I’m reluctantly back home, on Spring Break, from my sophomore year at Duke University. I’ve been trying to fit in with my family, and reading old diary entries to relax. A stick-shift driving lesson teaches me more about my mother, than driving.

March 11, 2001
March 11, 2001
Reading, Ohio
Keeping a car theme… An image I took of the town where I grew up.

4 thoughts on “March 11, 2001”

  1. This entry struck quite the chord with me. Specifically, returning home, and no longer feeling the fit that there once was. No longer feeling the bond with the person who knew you best. I no longer can travel “home” and have it feel like home. It feels a thousand years and a million miles away. The person I trusted above all others, who caught the bouquet at my wedding, has become a stranger to me. I no longer recognize her, or myself, for that matter.
    It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who ever felt this way.

    1. Thank you for responding! “You can always go back, but you can’t go back all the way.” Right? It’s strange–especially as it first happens. It’s probably the Natural Order of things, to have parents turn into peers (peers that you may or may not have much in common with); but I think the child in us (or me, to speak for myself), feels really guilty about that.

    1. Yes, yes that seems a solid conclusion. 🙂 I had befriended mostly English majors in college (at the point of this entry), and was clearly concerned about keeping up.

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