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February 25, 1995

Diary 1 / 13-years-old / Reading, Ohio.
I go on my first date. My first date ev-er. Spoiler: he holds my hand! And I apologize to Billy Joel (albeit twenty years too late.)
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Me a *touch* younger than the entry.  Permed bangs for the win!

permed bangs for the win!
permed bangs for the win!

February 25, 1995 pg1
February 25, 1995 pg1
February 25, 1995 pg2
February 25, 1995 pg2

4 thoughts on “February 25, 1995”

  1. I love everything about this! Thanks for the picture! Such a sweet first date! I love hearing those precious first moments of touch and longing and joy. And also your giddy and embarrassed reading of it today.
    Unfortunately I’m not quite able to remember my first kiss 🙁 But I do remember holding hands with him on the band bus and how exciting that was and an early kiss in the snow 🙂 I love how holding hands can be so powerful! On my first date with my current man I felt like I was going to explode with feeling holding his hand for the first time watching a play! Thanks for bringing back those memories and sharing this one!

    1. Amazing how these tender moments are ingrained, and still full of such sense-memory. They’re beautiful moments to return to. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love 13-year-old Caroline! She’s already so smart and perceptive and a kick-ass writer. We’ve already argued about this, adult Caroline, but I maintain that *how* a hand is held (and there are so many ways) is so very important, says so much about the person doing the holding, and is perhaps the most sensuous thing about a romantic encounter.

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