Diary 20
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February 18, 2014

Diary 20 / 32-years-old / New York City
An on-again off-again relationship has just gone completely off during a trip to Hawaii. We’re still spending time together, but the stakes are too high, and end in a rough night at a bar. Somehow I often have really lousy February 11ths, and I mention the event is happening on an 11th. The entry ends in indecipherable scribbles and drawings. (See below.) On a side note, this is the most recent entry I’ve published. There’s an emotionality that comes through, because something about it is still unsettled and affecting. I think it’s the mention of Giovanni—and how even though our relationship “failed” some years back—he’s always strong and close. Something the man in this entry couldn’t offer.
*and sorry for the bad sound.  Rough-goings in learning to be a one-woman production crew!  But this is as bad as it gets, promise!*

I think that night was the impetus for Wall Words. I came home from the bar, and wrote this. It was the only way to yell.

you made me turn to pills
you made me turn to pills


february 18, 2014
february 18, 2014



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